Dental Insurance For Seniors

There are many people whom are turning 65.  They ask us about Medicare dental and vision as well as Medicare hearing aid coverage. Unfortunately, Medicare itself does not cover routine dental, vision or hearing exams.  Medicare also does not cover the co-pays related to the health of your eyes, ears and smile.  So it’s not that surprising that we get many callers asking us about the best dental insurance for seniors.

Fortunately, there is affordable dental insurance for seniors that includes  vision and hearing insurance option for seniors. Our clients love this plan. And here is why.

  • They provides benefits from Day One.
  • It’s  easy to apply for.  They require no health questions.
  • Those benefits grow over time too.

This is one one of our favorite dental plans for seniors in the states where it operates.

Don’t put off your preventive checkups and normal health care for your teeth, eyes, and ears!

With the availability of Dental Insurance for seniors, there is no reason to not have preventive checkups.  Here are just a few highlights of this important coverage:

  • Choose your dentist – No Networks .  Use your own provider, or choose one from the optional PPO Network.
  • Individual 18 – 85 years old ((CA, NC, NM and VA up to age 75)
  • $1,000 policy year benefit with a $1,500 policy year benefit option available
  • Guaranteed issue, there is no underwriting or stress about being approved
  • Guaranteed Renewable for Life (CA, NC, NM and VA Guaranteed Renewable up to age 80)
  • Affordable premiums, as low as $31 a month.
  • Covers two dental cleanings per year, plus glasses, contacts, hearing aids, and exams.
  • Covers endodontics, root canals, periodontal surgery, bridges, crowns and dentures*  (* Covered after one year, 60% paid per policy year)

The dental, vision, and hearing coverage in this insurance for seniors is the perfect add-on for your Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance coverage.

Don’t worry about routine dental, vision and hearing exams!Dental Insurance For Seniors

This gives you the peace of mind to know that wherever you go, and whomever you use for your dental, vision, and hearing needs, you have some protection in place.

The plan also includes a 30 day free look period. Take 30 days after you receive your policy to review your coverage. If for any reason at all you decide it is not what you had in mind, just return it. You will promptly be refunded your premium.

Dental Insurance with No Network Restrictions

This Dental Insurance for Seniors allows you to use your own provider.  You may also choose one from the optional PPO Network.  You can continue to receive care from your favorite dental provider.  This easy dental, vision and hearing insurance plan that has no network restrictions. You can use it at any provider’s office. This is one of the reasons why we feel that it’s the best dental insurance for seniors.

Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

Many people ask us about dental insurance with no waiting periods.  This plan provides immediate coverage for preventive services and basic services. Dental insurance with no waiting periods for these services, now how great is that?  No waiting periods for preventive or basic dental services.

Cavities can occur at any time. Generally, people want to treat them without delay. This plan is popular because you will have no waiting periods for preventive care. More importantly, it has no waiting period for fillings and tooth extractions.  Lest I forget –

  • Basic eye exams are covered immediately
  • Basic hearing exams are also covered immediately.

This plan also includes benefits for hearing and vision insurance for seniors too.

Vision Insurance Benefit

Vision Insurance is included to help cover eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.Vision Insurance For Seniors

Individual vision insurance plans and standalone vision insurance for seniors are hard to find. That’s why this combined Dental and Vision insurance plan is a great buy. The vision insurance portion of this policy includes things like:

  • Basic eye exam or eye refraction
  • Eyeglasses
  • Contact Lenses

Need an eye exam? You can buy this dental and vision insurance policy and get coverage immediately for your eye exam. The benefit also grows over time so that your coverage for eye exams increases.

Just like the dental insurance benefit, you can choose your own eye doctor.

Hearing Insurance Benefit

This Dental Vision and Hearing Insurance for seniors  includes coverage and repairs for hearing aids.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids? Unfortunately not.Hearing Insurance for seniors

Hearing aid coverage is another benefit that seems like it should be covered by Medicare. As we age, our hearing is sometimes not what it used to be. Getting a regular hearing exam can help you to identify problems and when we experience a loss of hearing, hearing aid coverage is something we’d like help with. Hearing aids for seniors on Medicare can be expensive.

Fortunately, hearing insurance is included in this Dental, Vision and Hearing plan. It will cover exams, hearing aids and necessary repairs or supplies.

Free Look Period

The plan also includes a 30 day free look period inmost states. (In some states, the free look period is 10 days, so be sure to check your policy for the rules in your state.)  You can take 30 days after you receive your policy to review your coverage. If for any reason at all you decide it is not what you had in mind, just return it. You will promptly be refunded your premium.

To get started today just click the link below.

Dental Insurance For Seniors

Dental Insurance For Seniors


Here Are Some Of The Common Questions about Dental Insurance for Seniors

Does Medicare cover oral surgery?

Medicare will typically not cover oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal.

Consider this.  You are at the dentist and he recommends having them removed to help you have straighter teeth.  Realize this is not something that Medicare will cover. On the other hand, what if an oral surgery or wisdom teeth removal is necessary the for treatment of a medical condition?  This goes beyond dental care.  This includes things such as radiation for oral cancer.  This is when Medicare may cover the surgery or a portion of the surgery.

Does Medicare cover dental exams?

No, Medicare does not cover anything related to routine dental exams. The one exception would be in the case of dental exams ordered by your Medicare doctor prior to major surgery like heart surgery or an organ transplant.  Because your Medicare doctor orders the oral exam in this scenario, then Medicare Part B may cover the cost of that oral exam.

Does Medicare cover teeth cleanings?

Medicare does not pay for teeth cleanings. However, some Part C Medicare Advantage plans may include limited benefits for ancillary benefits like dental. For example, some Advantage plans may offer preventive dental benefits like teeth cleanings.

Does Medigap cover dental?

No, Medigap plans do not cover dental benefits. Medigap plans can only supplement Original Medicare benefits. Because Original Medicare does not cover routine dental care, neither do Medigap plans.

Does Medicare cover dentures for seniors?

Original Medicare does not offer coverage for dentures.   We understand that this is unfortunate.  Especially since dentures can be quite expensive. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, your plan may include ancillary dental benefits. It’s possible that your plan may offer some coverage toward dentures. Check with your plan to find out.

Does Medicare cover cataract surgery?

Yes.  Medicare doesn’t cover routine vision services.  But Medicare does cover treatment of health conditions affecting the eye, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

How do you get free dental work?

Check with your state or local health department to learn about available  low cost or free dental care options in your area. You can also apply for Medicaid.

Learn More about our Dental Vision and Hearing Insurance!

Just because there is no Medicare dental and vision coverage doesn’t mean you have to go without!  You can buy senior dental insurance today, and then you can use it tomorrow!  Here are the states where this dental insurance is available.


Get started today!  In most cases, you can start your coverage as early as tomorrow!   You can apply for a Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance for seniors by clicking the link below that is associated to the state you live in.  And  the simple online application can be completed in less than 10 minutes.


Dental Insurance For Seniors

Dental Insurance For Seniors


If you need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Just fill out our contact form  or call us at 1-540-597-5715.

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