Medicare Supplemental Dental Plans

Please take a moment to check out this information on Medicare Supplemental Dental Plans.  Its our quick guide to Dental Coverage for individuals on Medicare.

When looking at the statistics, there are over 48-million Medicare beneficiaries that want and need help so that they can pay for their dental and oral health care. Unfortunately, Medicare has determined that our teeth and gums are a non-essential healthcare extra. It is for this reason that there is minimal government assistance available for those individuals on Medicare.  These are individuals who typically need dental care the most, yet they can’t afford to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Understand that the cold, hard fact is simply this:

The government will not help us when it comes to:

  • maintaining good oral health,
  • maintaining good tooth tooth health,
  • repairing our teeth,
  • or replacing our missing teeth.  And yes – this includes dentures.

Sadly, the only type of dental work that is covered through Original Medicare is that which is deemed medically necessary.  There is no other coverage available through Original Medicare.   Additionally, if you take a look at theMedigap policies you will find that even the available Medigap policies that are purchased to supplement Original Medicare do not offer dental coverage. By law, they can’t.

In other words, if you are on Medicare, then you are on our own.

So why did we write this?  Simply this.  We set out to write this to help you understand what your choices are.  If you understand those choices, then you can make the best coverage decisions based upon your personal situation.

What kind of Medicare supplemental dental plans are you looking at?

  • Low cost dental plans for seniors,
  • discount dental plans for seniors,
  • affordable dental plans for seniors
  • medicare dental plans for seniors
  • the best dental plans for seniors

Whichever of the Medicare Supplemental Dental Plans you are looking for, we will do our best to have you covered.

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