Dental Insurance In Kentucky

Are you looking for the best Dental Insurance In Kentucky?  There are currently four companies that we recommend from which you may obtain Dental Insurance In Kentucky with.  These companies are:


Ameritas offers both dental insurance and  vision insurance.  If you have a large family, then we strongly recommend Ameritas.  There are no additional charges for more than 3 children.  In additions, children may stay on the insurance until age 26.  This is just one of the reasons Ameritas Dental Insurance is one or our top picks for Dental Insurance in Kentucky.   You can learn more or sign up directly by clicking the button below.

(Note that we also like Ameritas because benefits are based upon calendar year not actual date of sign up.)

dental insurance in kentucky

Manhattan Life

Manhattan Life offers the best  “combination” plan for Dental Insurance In Kentucky.  It includes  Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Hearing Insurance.  We do recommend the higher annual payout because of that.  You can sign up directly by clicking the button below.

Dental Insurance In Kentucky


The Dental Insurance In Kentucky that is offered by Surebridge is the least expensive.  They offer a basic dental insurance plan that covers cleanings and type 2 dental procedures that starts at $19.00 per month.  Note that this Basic Dental Insurance  does not cover type 3 services.  You will be responsible for things like root canals, crowns, oral surgery,  etc.   They do offer both a premium dental insurance and  vision insurance.  To learn more, please complete the quote request below.

Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual Of Omaha is a very well respected company.  Their dental insurance in Kentucky is very good.  There is also an available vision policy rider.  This vision rider  is an indemnity  policy.  You can use this vision rider with any other insurance or discount plan you may have.  To learn more, please complete the quote request below.

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