About Us


My name is Scott.

I am the owner and creator of Dental Insurance Advice.  All emails come to me personally.  Yes – I answer them personally.

Why do I have this site?  To help you.  To provide you information that maybe someone else will not.    Most importantly, to help you have the information to make the right choice for you.

I have never felt that that you can use a “one size fits all” approach with any insurance.  I find that this is especially true with dental insurance.  So this is what we have done here.

Did You Know That Here at DENTALINSURANCEADVICE.COM, dental health is our top priority.

I , as a licensed agent, am continuously working to give you only the latest and the most informative advice on dental insurance.  The focus is mainly on full coverage dental insurance and its many benefits, but we will discuss other types of dental insurance as well.

Full coverage dental insurance is more than just a dental insurance. It is a comprehensive type of insurance plan that covers most, if not all, dental procedures you’ll ever need.  This includes:

  • routine cleanings.
  • simple fillings or extractions.
  • or a root canal.

No matter the procedure, full coverage dental insurance has it covered for you. This is why we say that dental insurance provides optimum security for your teeth and gums – anytime and anywhere.

You should check out our site regularly for the latest  dental insurance news, reviews, opinions, industry updates and other related stuff. To make it more convenient for you to access the site’s content, subscribe to our biweekly email,  and we’ll be more than willing to send links to our latest posts directly to your mailbox.

Thanks for the visit and see you around!

Disclosure  – Scott is a licensed Insurance Agent With Amerus Financial Group (NPN – 3095635).  He is licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  He can help with attaining the right insurance for you.